setting the showing

FSBO Questions for showings

What is your time frame to purchase?

If they say they are 3-6 months out, probably not worth your time to show and they are just browsing through. Many neighborhoods love to look.

What are you looking for in a home?

(you would be amazed at how many people don't take the time to make sure the home meets their needs, wasting your time and theirs, Do not take this time to make a sales pitch, your sole purpose is to make sure the basic needs of the buyer are met.

Are you paying cash, or are you financing?

No matter which it is, the answer is “great, we are working with a company to help qualify all showings before coming out, what is the best number for them to reach you at so we can set up a showing” This is standard procedure in real estate and people are used to showing qualifications to realtors, we will call and introduce ourselves, if the qualifications are questionable, we will notify you and then you can decide if it is worth showing or not. If they have not yet started the process, they could still be a great buyer and we can help them get qualified quickly and keep a motivated buyer hot for your property.


It is a best practice to make sure you have someone with you during showings, there are people that use the showing as an opportunity to case a home for a later theft, or for an assault or even to steal RX from bathroom cabinets. We also prepared some questions to reduce the number of people coming through your home and increase the percentage of highly qualified and motivated buyers to come through.

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