preparing for a showing

Inside the home

  1. De-clutter -This is the most important tip. A cluttered home doesn’t present well and can also make spaces appear much smaller.
  2. Depersonalize – Family portraits, offensive art and sports team memorabilia should be put away when possible, or at least minimized
  3. Dust/Vacuum – This goes without saying but with today’s high resolution images the camera sees everything.
  4. Beds – Make all beds, align bed skirts, and fluff pillows.
  5. Clean Kitchen Sink – Put away all sponges soaps etc.
  6. Clear Kitchen Counters – Put away blenders, toasters, coffee makers etc.
  7. Clear Bathroom Counters – Put away any and all personal items.
  8. Shower – Remove all soap/shampoo bottles, razors etc.
  9. Towels – Leave guest towels out and hide all others.
  10. Trash Cans – Hide!
  11. Refrigerator – Remove all magnets or decorations.
  12. Pets – Hide any water/food bowls and toys.
  13. Toilet Seats – Place all of them down.
  14. Light Bulbs – Replace any burnt out light bulbs. More light the better.
  15. Dining Room Table – If you have nice place settings, place them out neatly.
  16. Vases – Fresh flowers or other decorations that make the home inviting without cluttering.
Outside of The Home
  1. Lawn Trimmed – Neatly trimmed and manicured lawns always present better.
  2. Animals – Clean up after any pets.
  3. De-clutter – Remove any trash cans, water hoses, tools, toys etc.
  4. Yard Decorations – Remove any yard decorations such as pink flamingos, etc.
  5. Driveway/Walkways – Sweep leaves and yard clippings. Pressure wash if needed.
  6. Pool – Remove security gate, clean pool, remove toys and vacuum.
  7. Exterior Lighting – if early evening showing make sure lights are on
  8. Umbrellas – Open patio umbrellas or awnings.
  9. Grill – Uncover grill and hide cover.
  10. Lights – Turn on all interior lights even under cabinet lighting.
  11. Fireplace – Light all fireplaces if possible and reasonable.
  12. Blinds – Open all shades, blinds and curtains. You want to let in as much light as possible.
  13. Cars – Remove all vehicles from driveway and if possible keep from parking them in front of the house.
  14. Animals – Remove animals if possible, if people are allergic to animals they will leave, if they like animals they will be distracted.

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