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Are you:

1) Looking for the highest tech tools to help run your business?

2) Looking for the most SEO friendly website with a CRM that actually works?

3) An experienced agent with a proven track record of closing transactions?

4) Looking for the highest splits in the industry?

Here at NPG we are not just a brokerage, we are seasoned real estate professionals and we invest heavily in our agents success. Every agent can get their own top rated website platform, CRM, transaction software, SEO and marketing tools as well as lead automation to help them nurture their prospects from lead to close and for years to come. We will help them maximize their current and future income with the systems we have in place. All this and some of the most competitive commission splits in the industry. Call or apply below to set up your confidential appointment to see if NPG is right for you.

Our unique Ala Carte style pricing allows you the agent to decide what is right for your business, If you do not want something you are not forced to pay for it, Just like it should be! Our entire commission structure can fit on a napkin, no tricks, no hidden fees, no corporate or franchise fees.

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