How do you get paid?

We get paid just like any other real estate brokerage, at closing. If you don't sell, we don't get paid. It is that simple, we are your partners and we are there till the end.

Do I have to pay a buyers agent to be listed on the MLS?

The short answer is yes, The reality is there no minimum standard of how much you have to pay so you can offer as little as $1 to be on the MLS. The average buyer agent commission of listings on the MLS currently is between 2% and 2.5% of the list price, but you can put in any percentage or even a flat price.

How do we get our home on the MLS?

We will send you a questionnaire about your home to help us complete an MLS listing. You will send us photos to upload to the MLS and you will be live on the MLS within 48 hours.

Should I hire a professional photographer or can I do it myself?

100% yes, hire a professional. Selling your home and getting top dollar is all about presentation, you want people to have a positive image from the time they see your home online to the time they get there. After the showing they are going to not only look back at the listing for their own reference, but they are going to send that listing to friends and family who often encourage or discourage a purchase. We want to not only wow they buyer at the showing, but we want to wow their friends and family across the country.

How does the online scheduling work?

You will provide us available times, buyer agents will request times through a portal and you will be texted this time. Responding to the text will confirm or reject this showing.

Will buyers contact me directly?

Any lead that comes to us requesting information on your property will be sent to you for response. It is a violation of MLS rules to have the owners contact information displayed publicly.

Should we restrict showings?

Sometimes less is more, we want to reduce the amount of random people coming in to your home and only allow the most motivated and qualified buyers. This will not only reduce your workload showing the property, it will reduce the amount of potential threats associated with showing the property.

What's the best way to determine my home value?

You are the expert not only about your home, but about your neighborhood as well. However, unless someone is paying cash for your home it will need to appraise. We are experts in home valuations and understand how appraisers think and we know the constraints they are up against when doing an appraisal for a lender. We know how much they are allowed to adjust and know which sales they are most likely to use when comparing. With that in mind, many houses today are selling above appraised value, so there is a balance to consider.

How do I choose the best offer?

This is more of an art than a science. You have to know the motivation of the buyer to start. In the absence of that, the only thing you can go on is the reputation of the lender or the availability of funds if cash. If it is a cash transaction, are the funds even available for withdrawal? If it is finance transaction, what is the reputation of the lender; how long has the loan officer been in business; does the lender have all income, assets and tax returns in hand? Is the file pre-underwritten, pre-approved or worse just pre-qualified? If you are contracted for above what the home will appraise for, does your buyer have the ability to close? There is a lot of work and a special skill set that goes into determining these answers.

Can I just have the buyer agent write the contract for us?

Sure you can, but you may want to understand what the pitfalls of the offer being submitted are. This is where we come in, we try to mitigate your risk while still being fair to all parties.

How important is transaction management?

Transaction management is one of the most important parts of the process. Without transaction management you are a passenger in the settlement hoping the driver is going where you asked. Transaction management is key if you are buying after the settlement. The sooner you know there is a problem the better the chance of fixing it, or giving notice of default to get the file back on track, or cancel and procure another buyer.

I saw another company that will list for just $99

Did you read the fine print? many of these $99 flat fee brokerages have hidden fees if you don't use their title or want to add pictures...up to an additional $1300 and they still don't cover the services we do. With us there is no fine print, you always know where you stand with us.

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